"She offered whatever I wanted including driving her husband's car. We would drive into the country and she'd seduce me. I was confused and not attracted to her romantically or sexually, but she imagined some sort of happy married life for us once I finished high school.

"This was before older women having sex with teenage boys came into the public conscience. In the 1970's adults would chuckle about such escapades, but today these women are being sent to jail and having to register as sex offenders.

"I remember vividly the day she seduced me in her husband's bed while he was at work, her youngest daughter asleep in another room. I'm one of those people who remember their first experience with the opposite sex as traumatic, mostly because I already knew I was gay, and being led into intimacy with a much older married woman (and mother) didn't feel natural to me."


The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe has been plagued for decades with enrollment issues, following both a historic land claims settlement and subsequent sharing of casino revenue with its membership.


The Saginaw Chippewas: Subversive Genealogy and Stolen Trust is a narrative non-fiction tracing collateral descendants gaining access to monetary and other benefits intended for those with lineal ancestry.


This strain on the tribal treasury would result in near-depletion of a futures trust, until ultimately, after decades of litigation an appellate would rule collateral enrollment “a mistake under the law.”


Written by a lineal descendant of the tribe’s first treasurer (under federal recognition).

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In 2017 I wrote a piece on Diana Ross for Night Beat to coincide with her Las Vegas residency at The Venetian. Diana Ross and her history in Las Vegas appeared in the February issue as two full pages with five color photos.


Night Beat is a local LGBT-focused monthly with an initial press run of 7,000 copies. To download a copy of the article click here.

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