The opening chapter hints at the excitement and adventure Fred Rayworth promises in Lusitania Gold, author of eleven novels in several genres. The famous ocean liner plays backdrop to a story that reminds me of why I love to read!

“He gave a long, low whistle, taking in the sheer size of his target. He doubted his inferior torpedoes would do more than slow the liner down. Without warning, it turned right in front of him, making an irresistible target. He ordered the best and only G-type torpedo loaded into a forward tube. “Fire!” He traced the weapon with his eye, sweat trickled down his brow, his hands gripped the periscope handles in a viselike embrace. The bubble trail of the torpedo etched a straight path through the water to the massive ship.”

Fred Rayworth, Lusitania Gold, August 2017

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“All of these complications convinced me that a nobler path existed with Beethoven, whose music leaves nothing unsaid or unturned. He awes me still, excites my imagination, soothes my demons, and emboldens me with nerve. I reckoned I would like him, once I met him. He would embrace me as good fathers do, and shake off the rocks and briers from the paths I set for myself. “My interview with Beethoven will happen,” I convinced myself, “and finally my life will be fine - even if I must lie to make it happen.’”

L.A. Hider Jones, My Interview with Beethoven, May 2017

Historical fiction not my usual genre, but the vivid prologue to this novel immediately caught my interest. L.A. Hider Jones has written a fascinating story that captivates with every chapter!

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“Now, Mrs. Kennedy was a totally different kettle of fish. She also had a totally different relationship with Newport, having come from a high-society family with a lovely estate on Ocean Drive. Jackie could go anywhere and do anything. Hers was the height of entitlement, and, oddly enough, Newporters loved her for it just as they had loved Mrs. Eisenhower for not kowtowing to society. In some ways, the Kennedy’s caused changes in Newport. They put it on the map for the common man.”

Jay LaCroix, Newport Tales: Stories of a Newport Childhood, June 2013

What I love about memoir is an author’s ability to take us into their experience. Jay LaCroix has done just that, and weaves famous figures into a personal history that includes entertaining stories of his family.

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